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Preferred Hearing Care, LLC
60 State St. Suite #700
Boston, Massachusetts
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Phone: (888) 577-2961
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Preferred Hearing Care, LLC
5 East Main St. Suite #1
Merrimac, Massachusetts
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Phone: (888) 577-2961
Fax: (978) 346-0676

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Mildred W.

"I feel toward Nancy as a friend. She is one of the nicest and most caring persons I know. She’s always there when needed and never too busy for me. She does not rush me in any way. She always makes me feel very much at ease. I’m very satisfied with my hearing aids in every way and will recommend to anyone to see Nancy if they feel they may be in need of hearing help."

Mildred W.

"Preferred Hearing Care opened a whole new world for me. I love my hearing aids."

Eleanor A.

"It’s great to hear again. The staff at Preferred Hearing Care is always friendly, accommodating, and caring."

Frank M.

Edward G

"My experience with my Starkey Hearing Aids has far exceeded my expectations. On the first day I was astonished when I started my car and heard strange noises. It was the sounds of the windshield wipers and directional lights. Not having to turn up the radio and television has been a plus too! Attending church and meetings is more pleasurable because I now hear all that is said. My hearing aids are very comfortable. People are amazed when they find out I am wearing them because they are so small. My wife and I wish I had done this years ago. I am grateful to have Nancy Sideri as my hearing specialist. She is not only professional but has become a true friend to my wife and I!"

Edward G.

"Nancy is thorough. She doesn’t rush you. She wants to make sure she does the job right. She does not complain that my husband comes with me!!! My hearing needs are addressed in a timely manner and I enjoy the free battery program."

Isabelle S.

"I’ve worn analog hearing aids for two decades. Through my new Destiny digital technology, I hear a softness and a less harsh world now. It’s very hard to describe the new auditory sensations. I’m hearing new things and taking in the world in a different way. Noise is everywhere but now I’m hearing sound!"


"I'm a fifty year old male and have been a patient of Nancy Sideri for about 4 months. Since a very young age I've been without hearing in my left ear. For the last few years my hearing has deteriorated in my right ear. I attended a free evaluation and was convinced by Nancy that it was time to consider a hearing aid. I agreed and since receiving it my life has changed. I never realized how much effort I was putting into hearing each day. It's also been good for my family, friends and business associates."

Bill L.

"I’ve worn hearing aids for years. Cheap hearing aids whistle, are noisy and never sound right. I had no idea the new technology was so affordable at Preferred Hearing Care. I want to hug everyone because my hearing aids don’t whistle!"

Theresa A.

"Hearing aids alone don’t make you hear better. Working with a professional who is knowledgeable and participates to in your success. The entire Staff at Preferred Hearing Care is professional and caring. My hearing aids are so comfortable that I fall asleep with them."

Chris A.