I should have got my hearing aids years ago. I enjoy spending time with my grandchildren again. My dad's hearing loss will not be my hearing loss. I feel real good when I wear my hearing protection gear. I used to think everyone was mumbling, I can't believe how much I may have missed in past meetings.

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Preferred Hearing Care, LLC
60 State St. Suite #700
Boston, Massachusetts
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Phone: (888) 577-2961
Fax: (978) 346-0676
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Preferred Hearing Care, LLC
5 East Main St. Suite #1
Merrimac, Massachusetts
01860, US map
Phone: (888) 577-2961
Fax: (978) 346-0676
Email: info@preferredhearingcare.com

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Our ability to communicate depends greatly on our ability to hear. Hearing loss isolates us from contact with other people, and is generally most noticed by others around us. Detecting and treating hearing loss early is a significant step towards improving the quality of life with minimal interruption in communicating and enjoying the pleasures and necessities of our lives. Preferred Hearing Care is committed to helping you understand your hearing loss and finding the best solution to fit your personal needs and lifestyle.

Our experience at Preferred Hearing Care begins with a comprehensive hearing evaluation using state-of-the-art multimedia sound simulations. After careful examination of your test results, Preferred Hearing Care will demonstrate how effectively hearing instruments will perform in a variety of everyday sound environments. This gives you the opportunity to experience how hearing aids can help you before making a purchase decision. At the end of your appointment, you will have a clear understanding of your hearing loss, how it affects you and others around you, and what your options are. We offer a wide range of hearing aids that are affordale and participate in all discount hearing aid programs. Most insurance plans accepted.

We have locations in Merrimac and Downtown Boston

At Preferred Hearing Care we are proud to offer you excellence in hearing healthcare with a unique approach to meet your personal needs while making your hearing experience as natural and care free as possible. As our valued patient, you will receive hearing instruments that perfectly match your lifestyle and budget. Working closely with you ensures that your needs are met – both today and tomorrow – and that you are completely satisfied with every aspect of your experience.

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