A Few of The Hearing Aid Accessories Available

When you get a set of hearing aids, it’s also helpful to purchase some accessories. These will help you keep your hearing aids functioning at their best and allow you to get the most out of your auditory environments. Consider getting some of these commonly available accessories.

Hearing Aid Dehumidifier: Moisture is your hearing aid’s worst enemy. Even if you don’t actively get the hearing aid wet, ambient humidity, sweat, and rain can all get into it during the day. Keeping the hearing aid in a dehumidifier every night can help remove any residual moisture. This will keep the electronic circuitry working well for years to come.

Wireless and Bluetooth Transmitters: Many of the things you listen to on a daily basis, including your phone and television, can be difficult to hear through your hearing aids. However, most aids are equipped to receive wireless or Bluetooth signals instead of using the microphone. Adding a transmitter to the devices you use most frequently allows them to send sound directly to your hearing aid.

Cleaning Kits: Even if you do a great job caring for your hearing aids, they’re still likely to gather some debris over time. Earwax builds up on them, and the oils from your hands also may get onto the hearing aids. Cleaning kits have soft cloths, gentle brushes, and other tools to carefully clean your hearing aids.

Batteries: Many hearing aids, particularly small ones, go through batteries quickly. You’ll always want to have a few on hand, and you can even get a small battery carrying case to keep them in your pocket or purse without losing the small batteries.

When you get your hearing aids, don’t forget to ask your hearing aid provider to recommend accessories you may want.

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