Digital Hearing Aids – Helpful Information

Digital Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids have come a long way since their early development. Different technologies and manufacturing techniques have enabled these devices to get smaller and offer superior features. One such innovation has been the development of digital hearing aids. We’ll discuss these types and provide some helpful information.

The first digital hearing aids were introduced in 1987. At the time they used DSP (digital signal processors) to convert an analog sound signal into a digital counterpart. While the technology was revolutionary at the time, the size and cost of the devices were high and they caused a large drain on the battery. So this was abandoned for some time.

However recent advances in digital technology has enabled the introduction of many important digital hearing aids. So what are some of the key benefits of digital hearing aids? The first thing is that it has the ability to amplify sounds which are of interest while keeping the overall sound to a comfortable level. It’s no longer an all or nothing type of situation.

These devices are also very good at discerning what is conversation and what is background noise. So a conversation can be held in a noisy environment . This was often very difficult with the traditional types of analog hearing aids. Digital speech enhancement is an effective way to provide more natural sounds from speech and allow listening to speech more enjoyable.

There are a number of other important features of these devices as well. This technology allows for a great deal of customization and sound enhancement so the features will continue to evolve and be improved upon.

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