Downtown Boston Business Offers Free Hearing Loss Aid to Bombing Victims

Boston – In response to the Boston Marathon tragedy, Preferred Hearing Care located at 60 State St., Boston, is working with Starkey Hearing Foundation, to offer free assistance to those who may have suffered hearing loss or tinnitus (residual ringing in the ears) as a result of the explosion.

The foundation believes this is a time when many should come together to extend caring hands, and people joining together to reflect light will outshine these moments of darkness.

Starkey Hearing Foundation has helped people in need for more than 30 years and is hoping that by providing hearing assistance, it can play a small role in the recovery efforts in Boston and surrounding communities.

Individuals who think they may need hearing help should contact Preferred Hearing Care or Starkey Hearing Foundation. The foundation will work with local partners in the greater Boston and surrounding areas to make sure they receive hearing testing and care and will also provide hearing aids to the people that need them.

For assistance, contact Preferred Hearing Care located at 60 State St., Suite 700, Boston 617-973-5701 or visit OR Starkey Hearing Foundation at 866-354-3254 and

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