Hearing Aid Battery

Hearing Aid Battery

The modern hearing aid has certainly done a great deal in helping those with hearing loss to gain a much better quality of life. They can now hear things which they would otherwise have difficulty doing and are able to participate in different activities which would have been a problem earlier.

The typical hearing aid is an amazing device but one thing which has helped to make this so is the hearing aid battery. Let’s discuss a little more about them.

The typical hearing battery is required to be ultra compact and have the ability to provide power to the hearing aid for a long period of time. A common type of modern hearing aid battery is the zinc air type. It can be produced in a very small size and is able to provide 5 to 7 days of continuous operation.

The battery doesn’t need to be charged. It is dormant when purchased but then becomes activated and ready to use when a tab is pulled on the battery. At that point it is ready to do its job and power the hearing aid.

Zince air type batteries do not gradually drain down. They either work pretty much completely or they don’t work at all. While this can be difficult sometimes in that your hearing aid may simply stop functioning since the battery is dead, at least there isn’t a deterioration or intermittent operation problem.

A hearing aid battery can also be obtained in a number of different types and sizes. Your hearing aid manufacturer will indicate the specific battery model necessary for that device. They can be purchased in packages of 24, 30, or even batteries so you don’t have to worry about running out.

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