What to Expect from a Hearing Aid Provider

If you have hearing loss, you may wonder how to find a hearing aid provider. However, there are a few steps you should take first.

Contact your primary care physician for an exam. This will allow the doctor to rule out simple medical reasons for the hearing loss, such as an ear or sinus infection. If needed, the doctor will refer you to a hearing specialist.

The hearing specialist will examine you and then perform a hearing test. The hearing test is quick and simple. It may begin by the specialist or nurse whispering words to you at various vocal levels from different spots in the room. This is to get a baseline for your hearing. A small device placed behind the ear gives the specialist more information on the location and extent of your loss.

The professional will use the exam and hearing assessment to determine an appropriate treatment plan. Hearing aids are frequently suggested.

There are many brands of hearing devices on the market. Each brand may have a dozen or more different models. The hearing aid provider will discuss the different options with you. Some types of hearing aids will be better suited for your condition than others.

Some hearing aids are so tiny they can be worn completely inside the ear, making them invisible. They are also equipped with highly advanced technology. Other options in hearing aids include models that are electronic, wireless or water-resistant. The hearing aid provider will explain the advantages and challenges of each type of device and help you decide on the best solution to meet your needs. The hearing aid provider will explain your device to you and help you adjust.

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