Averting Typical Mistakes When Purchasing Headphones for Children

One of the things you can look forward to if you have children is that sooner or later they are going to ask you to buy them some headphones to work with their gaming systems, music players and computers. Headphones are able to markedly increase kid’s experience with these entertainment and learning multimedia, but there are a handful of features you should look for when buying these headphones.

An important attribute that many consumers would not consider is making sure that the headphones fit properly. Headphones which are designed for adults are meant for their size heads, and will not only not fit correctly on children, they won’t provide a complete range of sound to them. When headphones are too big, kids will often end up adjusting them constantly, which can cause damage. To help with this, many headphones made for children include adjustable head straps, which makes it simpler to get a proper initial fitting, and to adjust that fit as children grow up.

Sound Limiting Technology is the main feature to look for. Naturally, children will often use the highest volume settings to completely immerse themselves in the experience. Parents recognize that this is a very terrible idea that could contribute to long term hearing loss. Your choice of headphones should be limited to those headphones that do not permit excessive volumes, and that include preset boundaries so that they cannot go beyond a level of 80 to 85 decibels. This advice is, if anything, more important if you’re shopping for ear buds which aren’t worn over the ears but rather inserted into the ears.

Another factor to consider is durability and sturdiness, because kids can be hard on fragile products, and certain headphones can be very fragile . Consumer guides or parenting magazines that provide product reviews are an excellent place to find information about headphone durability. At times you’ll need to give up a little durability to find a lighter weight option. Certain headphones are too heavy for children’s heads regardless of how many other good features they have.

No matter which kind of children’s headphones you decide upon, do them a big favor and set limits as to how frequently they are able to use them. Being bombarded by sound all day, even if the headphones or ear buds restrict the volume level, can still create subtle damage to children’s ears.

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