Come Join Us For Our Starkey Open House

Give Yourself the Gift of Hearing this Holiday Season with Starkey!

Are you, or someone you know, struggling with hearing loss? We need 31 people with difficulty hearing, especially in noisy situations, to evaluate the latest in digital technology from Starkey. We will perform thorough Hearing Consultations FREE of charge to ALL callers. We will then choose 31 qualified candidates for this program.

Come join us Tuesday – Thursday o December 13, 14 & 15.  Please call 888-577-2961 immediately to schedule your evaluation to determine if you are a candidate for this program.

Candidates selected will receive tremendous savings, due to their participation. If your evaluation shows hearing improvement with the new instruments, you may choose to retain them and receive $1500  OFF our regular retail price and you will also receive FREE In-Office Maintenance for the life of the hearing instruments. Participants who successfully complete the 30 day Hearing Aid Trial Period will receive a $50.00 Gas Card as a token of our appreciation.

Come Meet Starkey Factory Specialist Bill Agan

“I’ve been all around the country doing open houses for many practices.  Starkey lives up to its name. I’m excited  to be a part of what they are doing in the Starkey Network.” Nationally known hearing aid expert.  Bill’s experience gives him tremendous insight into the problems and frustrations that accompany hearing loss and the exciting solutions that are now available. His time is dedicated 100% to traveling across the country to help people with all types of hearing loss.

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