Music Enthusiasts Protect Your Hearing Musician Earplugs

If you are a singer or a musician, you may need to consider purchasing musician’s earplugs. Music is both, loud and quiet, requiring the ability to hear the softest of sounds one minute, and then a crescendo the next. In order to protect your hearing from noise-induced impact, it is important to wear hearing protection while.

Specialized musician earplugs can be created to specifically fit you and your musical needs. While traditional ear plugs drown out all sounds, musician’s earplugs are designed to allow for normal hearing until a high-intensity noise activates a valve that reduces the noise. This sudden restriction of noise will aid in damage prevention to the ear!

Contact your hearing healthcare provider for more information! If you make the decision to purchase these specialized earplugs, you will need an appointment for an impression of your ear to be made.

Your provider will perform a visual inspection of your outer ear and ear canal, then will place a small cotton or foam block fairly deep into the ear canal. A silicone mixture will then be inserted, and allowed to dry for a few minutes. Once dry, your provider will loosen the seal of the impression, and twisting slightly forward will remove the mold from your ear. This impression will be sent to the manufacturer for customizing your ear plugs!

If you are interested, call now! Ask your professional about how to get your musician’s earplugs today!

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