Phonak’s BTE Units

Phonak is a leader in the world of high-performance hearing aids. The company’s line of products is all-embracing. This means that anyone can find just the right hearing aid for their specific hearing needs.

Behind-the-Ear: When most people think of hearing instruments, these are the ones that come to mind. They have a hefty casing that’s situated behind the ear, attached to a virtually invisible tube with a receiver tucked into the ear canal.

This style of hearing aid is available in nearly all the lines of Phonak hearing aids, and it’s often ideal because it’s the most powerful hearing aid. Plus, it has larger batteries that don’t need to be changed as frequently, which is ideal for people with limited manual dexterity.

Micro Behind-the-Ear: Especially for people wearing hearing instruments for the first time, having a small, nearly invisible aid is one of the top priorities. That’s why Phonak developed the micro size for behind-the-ear hearing aids.

These have a much smaller casing worn behind the ear, which makes it easier to hide with hair or even a pair of glasses. The smaller size doesn’t mean any sacrifices in performance, though. Two of Phonak’s top hearing aids, the Audéo S for adults and the Nios micro for kids, are made only in the micro BTE style.

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