Solution for High-Frequency Hearing Loss

Preferred Hearing Care Introduces the Industry’s Smartest Solution for High-Frequency Hearing Loss

There’s never been a better way to restore high-frequency sounds than Spectral iQ from Starkey Laboratories. Unlike competing technologies that apply frequency compression broadly, Spectral iQ is designed to enhance real-time audibility by intelligently identifying high-frequency speech cues – then replicating them in lower frequencies.

Available in all Wi Series(TM) and X Series(TM). Spectral iQ:

  • Does not limit high-frequency bandwidth like competing technologies
  • Maintains the industry’s broadest bandwidth while restoring high-frequency speech audibility for patients that may have previously been considered unaidable
  • Is better able to identify speech sounds with high-frequency components such as “s” while not affecting other already audible speech sounds

Compare Spectral iQ to the competition at or by scanning the QR code — and hear for yourself how much better it sounds.

For a no cost or obligation Demonstration to experience Spectral iQ, contact Preferred Hearing Care at 866-330-4327.

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