Starkey Offers Many CIC Devices

Starkey’s line of CIC devices provide you with quality sound at a reasonable price. Two of the CIC hearing instruments available from Starkey include the moderate to severe hearing loss range.

THE WI SERIES: Was titled as such due to its wireless and wi-fi capabilities. This CIC option not only promotes the patient hearing considerably better, but also allows the wearer to stream music and TV sound straight into the device they are wearing instead of needing additional devices. This CIC model is hardly noticeable by anyone but the wearer and almost becomes indiscernible when corresponding with the wearer’s skin tone.

THE X SERIES: Starkey’s “X” stands for cancellation. That is the chief focus of this specific CIC. It’s a great choice in equipment for those who have a very difficult time with filtering noise out in crowded areas. Those who can’t hear their conversations because of all this background noise will be greatly helped by this product.

More extras are available for the Starkey CIC hearing aids. You will need to discuss these options with your hearing aid provider. This should give you the general idea of what models are obtainable and their built-in functions. What you will decide on is totally up to you.

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