Hearing Loss – The World is a Noisy Place

The world is a noisy place.  We experience much more noise in our everyday activities than out ancestors ever did. Cars, planes, trains, and everyday city life produces all kinds of loud and potentially damaging noise.

Our ears were not designed to handle many of the loud noises we experience as part of our everyday lives. As such we are subject to some hearing loss. In many cases the hearing loss is mild and we are probably barely aware of it.

However mild hearing loss is nothing insignificant and should be taken seriously. The key to minimizing the amount of hearing loss we experience is to be aware that we are suffering from a certain amount of hearing loss. It is then very important that we do all we can to avoid any further damage to our ears and the subsequent hearing loss.

Especially in younger people, most of the hearing loss they experience is due to loud music played by their MP3 or during live concerts. This type of noise is especially tough on our hearing and other time, permanent damage can occur. The damage is sometimes evident in the occasional ringing ears we sometimes experience after a loud concert. Normally this ringing disappears by the next day.

However, with repeated exposure to loud noise, this ringing can become permanent. It has been extremely difficult for many people to deal with so the best thing you can do is to avoid this permanent problem in the first place.

Some manufacturers of hearing aids are very aware and supportive of the need for early identification of hearing loss. One manufacturer has produced an application which can run on the iPhone and iPod Touch called uHear. It is a hearing test to help users identify potential hearing loss.

This is a great screening tool.  If you find that you have experienced some moderate hearing loss, then you should consult with your Doctor or Audiologist. They can assist you with products and recommendations to help you to avoid further damage.

They may recommend the use of earplugs when you are exposed to noisy environments. And they will also most likely suggest ways that you can protect your hearing through the reduction in volume of your listening experiences. Do not take these recommendations lightly.

Hearing loss is usually permanent. It can be helped through the use of hearing aids which can amplify certain kinds of sounds the patient may have difficulty in hearing and understanding.

However, if you are suffering from mild hearing loss, it may not be severe enough to affect your ability to understand conversation and enjoy your normal activities.  Therefore do all you can do to protect your hearing from any further loss or degradation.

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