What Can You Do If Someone You Care About Has Hearing Loss?

If someone you know suffers from hearing loss, you already know it’s a challenging time for everyone close to that person including family, friends, colleagues and coworkers.

Sometimes, the change can be so gradual or subtle that you’re not sure whether it’s actually a hearing loss. Unlike many conditions, hearing loss is often hard to detect in its early stages.

Some of the most common indicators of hearing loss include:

  • turning up the volume of the TV or radio
  • problems hearing the doorbell or the telephone ringing
  • difficulty hearing people calling and talking from behind or in another room
  • asking people to repeat themselves or saying “what?” frequently
  • misunderstanding or “forgetting” what has been said or agreed upon
  • often cupping hands behind the ears

How You Can Help

If you believe a family member, friend or colleague is suffering from undiagnosed hearing loss, encourage him or her to contact a family doctor or hearing care professional and request a simple test to check for a hearing problem.

In most cases, the hearing test will detect a hearing loss if one is present, as well as determine the type of loss. Based on the hearing test, the hearing professional can recommend the use of a hearing device or other treatment.

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