Introducing an invisible* hearing aid you can afford. $750 EACH. We would like to tell you about a new option that’s invisible AND affordable. AMP is a new kind of hearing aid that sits invisibly in your ear canal. It’s perfect for first-time users and works with many levels of hearing loss.

If you’ve been waiting for an invisible, more affordable alternative to custom hearing aids, it’s time to discover AMP.
• Invisible to others • Comfortable to wear
• Easy to remove • Ready to go in just one visit

Special 5 Day Event! Join us for an Open House October 29th – November 2nd • Monday – Friday
• FREE hearing test and consultation
• FREE examination of your ears to check for wax buildup.
• FREE clean and check of current hearing aids.
• FREE demonstration of Starkey’s newest technology
• For a limited time, AMP is just $750/each

Call to schedule your appointment today!

This is a special opportunity to try this new product. We look forward to hearing from you and introducing you to invisible, affordable AMP, the hearing aid for people who aren’t ready for a hearing aid.

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